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Полный перечень трyбочных табаков Mac Baren, с www.mac-baren.com

Original Choice is a new pioneering pipe tobacco which will appeal to "novice" pipe smokers and the younger generation. It has a mild, aromatic taste, and the truly remarkable thing about Original Choice is the fact that we have managed to develop a tobacco that does not smart on the tongue. Original Choice is made of specially selected tobaccos. It is a blend of Virginia tobacco from North Carolina and mild, air-dried Burley from Tennessee. One of the suppliers of the Virginia tobacco is Boyette Farm, where the Boyette family has been working since 1797 to produce the best possible Virginia qualities. Their success has been due in part to the warm and dry climate. It is now the fifth generation that has taken its place behind the solid oak writing desk to play roulette with Mother Nature, as the family puts it. Fortunately, thanks to generations of experience , the odds are stacked in favor of the Boyette family. That is why a plug of Original Choice is always a good idea. The packaging is made of an exclusive type or corrugated card, which not only looks good and protects the tobacco but is also completely environment-friendly. It is not every year that Mac Baren Tobacco launches new types of tobacco. That is why we have pulled out all the stops to make full use of our experience and our production of the new blends. That is also why we have managed to make sure that Original Choice does not smart on the tongue. Numerous test smokers have already given Original Choice their approval and have already made it their first choice.

A completely new blend with 150 years of experience behind the taste. Mac Baren Highland Mixture is a completely new blend of tobacco which will be on sale from November/December from specially selected shops. This is an exclusive tobacco blend with a distinctive character. It has been created according to the finest traditions of the Halberg family, which date back more than 150 years. Mac Baren Highland Mixture consists of ready rubbed, fully mature Virginia tobaccos and carefully selected, golden brown Burley. To round off the taste, we have added a touch of specially spiced Cavendish. As a finishing touch, the tobacco blender has added a generous measure of 30-year-old Glenfarclas whisky - a pedigree single malt highland whisky. In 1996, this particular whisky won the International Spirits Challenge, topping the list ahead of more than 110 other types of single malt. Ever since 1865, the Grant family has been distilling a whisky, which, with its distinctive amber hue, promotes feelings of inner peace in harmony with the babbling brooks of Scotland and the wind that blows across the highlands. This is the taste you can expect when you fill your pipe with a plug of Mac Baren Highland Mixture. Mac Baren Highland Mixture is sold in an exclusive and attractive presentation box.

A mild and lightly aromatic Scottish Blend, manufactured from ready rubbed, matured Virginia tobaccos and golden brown Burley grades, Cavendish and loose, ripe Virginia. Mixture is one of the most popular pipe tobaccos in the world, and is the leading brand tax free. A position which Mixture has been able to maintain through decades.

A ready rubbed blend manufactured from carefully blended, matured Burley tobaccos, giving Golden Blend a mild and pleasant aroma which has made it popular with pipe smokers all over the world.

A ready rubbed tobacco of exceptional and matured Virginia tobaccos, which bring about its mild and characteristic sweet taste.

Navy Blend. A mixture of fully ripe Virginia tobaccos, sliced, cask mellowed Burley tobaccos, and dark, spicy Cavendish. To give Plumcake an elegant aroma the blend has been flavoured with aged Jamaica Rum.

A full roll cake tobacco for special moments. Round in taste and quite characteristic. The specially spiced, dark Cavendish ensures its pleasant taste and harmoniously matches the choice Virginia tobacco.

A mild flake blended from the finest Burley tobaccos with added ripe Virginia s and Cavendish. Navy Flake is light burning, making the lighting of the pipe very easy.

Manufactured from choice, fully ripe and matured Virginia tobaccos - mainly American. An elegant flavour with a full and pleasant mild taste has been added.

An exclusive and satisfying blend, manufactured from high class, full ripe Virginia and matured Burley tobaccos, rounded by a tasty, dark Cavendish.

A spun tobacco, cut in small bird s eye. A very special, mild and cool tobacco, manufactured from ripe and choice Virginia tobaccos, to which a touch of Cavendish has been added to bring about a specially rich aroma.

A roll-cake tobacco, spun from rich, matured Virginia and choice Cavendish tobaccos giving Club Blend its medium strength and delightful aroma.

Manufactured from matured Virginia and golden brown Burley to which a specially roasted Cavendish has been added. Cherry Ambrosia gives a light and pleasant smoking.

Manufactured from choice Burley and Virginia, and mixed with cask mellowed Burley. Golden Ambrosia is lightburning and aromatic.

A blend of light and mild, ready rubbed, matured, Virginia and Burley tobaccos with a fine, sweet Virginia and a touch of darkfired Cavendish. The result is Mixture Light with its extraordinary mildness and very pleasant flavour.

A light, elegant and mild blend made from golden Virginias, which are specially treated to give a smooth and mild taste. Light Blend is recommended for young and new pipe smokers.

This is a special blend of choice, fully ripe Burley and matured Virginia tobaccos. A mild and tasty pipe tobacco with an exciting aroma.

A roll cake tobacco, spun by carefully matured Virginia and Cavendish tobaccos with a light taste of Latakia, bringing about a wonderful aroma.

A deluxe roll cake tobacco blended from spun, ripe Virginia, Cavendish and Burley tobaccos. A unique composition.

A fine composition of choice Virginias with a fully ripe Cavendish and Latakia, giving this classical mixture its satisfying taste. Solent is specially manufactured from quality selected tobaccos.

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